White House

Hillary Clinton photoshopped
One-Minute Read
09 May, 2011

Yiddish paper protects readers from the sight of Hillary Clinton watching Bin Laden drama unfold

White House spokesman Jay Carney
One-Minute Read
04 May, 2011

Calls grow for photographic proof as Obama’s team admit first version of events was inaccurate

Monica Lewisnky
One-Minute Read
11 Mar, 2011

Friends of Monica say she still carries a torch for the former president

Sarah Palin at the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington
One-Minute Read
13 Sep, 2010

Palin’s dinner in Iowa fuels speculation that she hopes to run for the White House in 2012

Michaele Salahi meets Obama
One-Minute Read
21 Jan, 2010

Virginia couple endlessly plead the Fifth to the frustration of US Congress members

Barack Obama
One-Minute Read
24 Dec, 2009

‘Barry in DC’ calls into radio show in latest ruse of ‘over savvy’ White House

Barack Obama meets Tareq and Michaele Salahi
One-Minute Read
03 Dec, 2009

And the couple’s annual polo event is mired in controversy and ‘unpaid bills’