16 Aug, 2012

As the time approaches for Ecuador's decision, how will President Correa react to UK's arrest threat?

Julian Assange
15 Aug, 2012

Will Ecuador smuggle WikiLeaks boss out of embassy – or was asylum offer merely symbolic?

06 Jul, 2012

Assad is further rocked as top general and troops swap sides to the Free Syria Army

26 Jun, 2012

Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Woolf urge Ecuador to accept WikiLeaks founder's application

20 Jun, 2012

WikiLeaks founder claims asylum at Ecuadorian embassy in London - nine days before extradition to Sweden

Julian Assange
30 May, 2012

Supreme Court says WikiLeaks founder must face sex offence charges in Sweden

06 Mar, 2012

WikiLeaks document suggests Iran has approached US about the removal of President Assad

Julian Assange
24 Jan, 2012

'Revolutionary' Assange aims to host in-depth discussions with 'iconoclasts and visionaries'

16 Dec, 2011

As WikiLeaks leaker Manning faces possible life imprisonment, Lamo says 'I had to report him'