WikiLeaks Spy Files claim your phone might be spying on you

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Fri 2 Dec, AT 10:32

Julian Assange's latest release raises privacy concerns - but some just think it's 'embarrassing'

White House 'said Bradley Manning leaks were benign'

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Tue 29 Nov, AT 12:19

Cables passed to Wikileaks by US Army private were of 'no real damage', lawyer claims

Julian Assange

Buy the Assange T-shirts - or see WikiLeaks fold

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Tue 25 Oct, AT 18:12

Julian Assange says site has temporarily stopped publishing to fight ‘oppressive’ financial blockade and raise money


Good news for Assange – his memoir is a flop

Thu 29 Sep, AT 11:49

Unauthorised biography published against Julian Assange’s wishes fails to fly off shelves

Julian Assange

‘Irrelevant’ Assange hits Wikileaks nuclear button

Fri 2 Sep, AT 16:54

Full publication of all US diplomatic cables will put lives at risk, say critics

Julian Assange

Julian Assange: experiment gave me white hair

Sun 7 Aug, AT 16:46

New book brands blond WikiLeaks founder a predatory, narcissistic fantasist

Prince Andrew

Relief as Prince Andrew quits trade envoy role

Fri 22 Jul, AT 13:55

‘Airmiles Andy’ finds he no longer has any need for the title of ‘special representative’

Julian Assange

What will you bid for lunch with Julian Assange?

Thu 16 Jun, AT 14:32

A WikiLunch with Jules is up for auction at eBay. Does it have the whiff of desperation?

Julian Assange

Assange asks ‘impossible question’ in job interview

Mon 9 May, AT 13:32

‘What would you do if you had to kill one man to save a hundred?’ asks WikiLeaks editor