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Russia to create Wikipedia rival

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Mon 17 Nov, AT 10:54

The online encyclopaedia is unreliable and lacks detail on Russian life, the Kremlin library says

Monkeys play with a camera

Wikimedia refuses to delete photos 'owned by monkey'

Talking Point
Wed 6 Aug, AT 15:30

Website says photographer has no right to images taken on his camera because a monkey pressed the shutter button

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Wikipedia: the offensive edits made from Whitehall PCs

Wed 30 Apr, AT 15:12

Government computers used to call for Tony Blair's assassination and accuse all Muslims of being terrorists

'Sexist' Wikipedia relegates female authors to a category of their own

Talking Point
Thu 25 Apr, AT 15:46

Critics ponder: Is this chauvinism or male chauvinism from the online encyclopaedia?

Richard O'Dwyer

Richard O'Dwyer escapes 'film piracy' extradition to US

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Wed 28 Nov, AT 13:23

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales tweets 'Hooray' after running petition on behalf of British student

PR firm sorry for altering Usmanov Wikipedia page

First Reaction
Mon 12 Nov, AT 15:22

Finsbury removed negative information about Arsenal shareholder, but PR experts say Wikipedia needs reforming

Crispin Black

In Skyfall, James Bond is no longer a spook – he's a vigilante

Fri 2 Nov, AT 08:38
Crispin Black

What would The Week's resident intelligence analyst make of Skyfall? Read before his article self-destructs

Richard O'Dwyer

Should we extradite TVShack founder Richard O'Dwyer?

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Tue 26 Jun, AT 15:04

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Labour MP Tom Watson are the latest to voice their opinions


Wikipedia alternatives: where to go during piracy blackout

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Tue 17 Jan, AT 13:06

Websites to turn to when the online Encyclopaedia shuts down for 24-hour protest against piracy laws

Wikipedia to shut down for a day in piracy protest

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Tue 17 Jan, AT 08:44

But decision almost causes a row between Jimmy Wales and Twitter founder Dick Costolo