Will Hutton

Times editor has cunning plan for press: ‘judicial oversight’

Media Watch
Tue 27 Nov, AT 15:31

James Harding says the media can’t police itself, but rejects calls for statutory regulation

We DO need statutory press controls say Miliband & Hutton

Media Watch
Mon 26 Nov, AT 08:21

Media barons enjoy freedom to manipulate opinions of millions, and must be accountable, says Will Hutton


Tory Eurosceptics need a Wellington to see off the EU

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Opinion Digest: Cameron's referendum pledge, Spain's magnificence, Chloe Smith's debacle


'Grand bargain' with Murdoch could bring Cameron down

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David Cameron: Henry VIII or 'crassly stupid' tribalist?

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The great debate: Was David Cameron right to invoke the UK's veto on proposed EU treaty changes?