Will Self

Will Self
01 Sep, 2014

Self, a notorious purveyor of obtuse English, attacks the master of clarity for – yes – his clarity

19 Aug, 2013

What has England become when a father hiking with his son is suspected of being a 'sexual predator'?

21 Nov, 2012

Tom Wolfe is up for the year's least-wanted literary prize but Rowling's erotic prose judged not bad enough

11 Sep, 2012

Critics praise 'fresh and innovative' list, but the favourites are familiar names

30 Apr, 2012

Opinion Digest: Hodgson's unlikely promotion, how London is sucking England dry and the Long Depression

BNP leader Nick Griffin
13 May, 2009

Not the fascist BNP or far left radicals, argues Will Self, but men and women of probity

24 Mar, 2009

In fiddling their expenses, MPs are continuing a long tradition. The effect on our democracy of cleaning up would be incalculable

17 Mar, 2009

James Purnell is betraying the public good by attacking the Chief Medical Officer’s proposals for curbing alcohol abuse

10 Mar, 2009

The 9/11 attacks gave the Irish republican movement the perfect opportunity to effortlessly insert itself into civilian life

18 Feb, 2009

One in four liver transplants have been allocated to alcoholic patients - a rise of 61 per cent since Labour came to power