Will Self

Will Self

Shark attack: Will Self goes for 'mediocre' George Orwell

Mon 1 Sep, AT 09:30
Robert Chesshyre

Self, a notorious purveyor of obtuse English, attacks the master of clarity for – yes – his clarity

Will Self questioned by police on walking holiday with his son

Talking Point
Mon 19 Aug, AT 14:25

What has England become when a father hiking with his son is suspected of being a 'sexual predator'?

JK Rowling and Fifty Shades fail to make bad sex award shortlist

First Post
Wed 21 Nov, AT 11:42

Tom Wolfe is up for the year's least-wanted literary prize but Rowling's erotic prose judged not bad enough

Hilary Mantel and Will Self head Man Booker shortlist

First Reaction
Tue 11 Sep, AT 15:57

Critics praise 'fresh and innovative' list, but the favourites are familiar names


Roy Hodgson is mediocre: the England job should be Redknapp's

Opinion digest
Mon 30 Apr, AT 09:51

Opinion Digest: Hodgson's unlikely promotion, how London is sucking England dry and the Long Depression

BNP leader Nick Griffin

Forget the BNP - let's get some real extremists into Parliament

Wed 13 May, AT 13:41

Not the fascist BNP or far left radicals, argues Will Self, but men and women of probity

Tony McNulty’s expenses scam is nothing new

Tue 24 Mar, AT 12:43

In fiddling their expenses, MPs are continuing a long tradition. The effect on our democracy of cleaning up would be incalculable

Beware Labour’s dangerous message on cheap alcohol

Tue 17 Mar, AT 13:05

James Purnell is betraying the public good by attacking the Chief Medical Officer’s proposals for curbing alcohol abuse

The IRA didn’t die, it was supplanted by al-Qaeda

Tue 10 Mar, AT 13:48

The 9/11 attacks gave the Irish republican movement the perfect opportunity to effortlessly insert itself into civilian life