William Hague

The Mole
26 Mar, 2015

Not one but two Machiavellian plots uncovered: Miliband was led into the VAT trap, it transpires

15 Jul, 2015

Nicola Sturgeon 'intervenes' on fox-hunting ban and assisted dying bill could be next

 PM David Cameron
22 Sep, 2014

After promising Scotland more powers, PM needs to reach a fair constitutional settlement for UK

16 Jul, 2014

Few politicians today have had real, demanding jobs before entering politics – and it shows

Education Secretary Michael Gove is called in to Downing Street
15 Jul, 2014

Cameron gives government a feminine makeover in an effort to win the 2015 general election

Michael Gove leaves Downing St after losing job as Eductation Secretary
15 Jul, 2014

Cull of 'pale, male and stale' Tories makes room for women in largest reshuffle to date

Protesters storm British embassy in Tehran, Iran, in 2011
17 Jun, 2014

Shared interest in confronting Isis militants warms diplomatic relations between West and Iran

Crispin Black
17 Jun, 2014

If Isis, from a standing start, can threaten Baghdad in a few days, then nothing is safe

The Mole
13 Jun, 2014

Government under pressure to do something about British jihadists joining Islamist takeover campaign

Don Brind
29 Apr, 2014

Tory who branded David Cameron 'an arse' will cause awkard by-election if he stands down