William Hague

Crispin Black
03 Mar, 2014

If we are happy to let Scotland go (depending on the referendum), we should let Ukraine split too

John Kerry
12 Nov, 2013

'It wasn't our fault' says Iranian foreign minister, putting blame for deal failure on French

22 Oct, 2013

With peace plan under threat, 'Friends of Syria' try to shore up rebel support in London

02 Oct, 2013

'Don't you dare lecture anyone on the NHS again,' he threatens Labour – before heaping praise on his team

17 Sep, 2013

UN confirms 21 August attack on Damascus was gas – and the 'most significant' use of chemical weapons since Saddam's day

03 Sep, 2013

We still back you, says message from Number 10 as American plans more punitive strikes on Syria

David Cameron
02 Sep, 2013

Members of all three main parties believe that 'compelling new evidence' requires a fresh vote – but PM is adamant it won't happen

27 Aug, 2013

US and UK warships said to be on their way to Syria following alleged chemical attacks by Assad regime

Crispin Black
27 Aug, 2013

Cameron and Hague are 'itching to have crack at Assad' but intervention will be 'dangerous'

22 Aug, 2013

Will Damascus prove to be a 'Srebrenica moment' when anti-interventionists realise it's time to act?