William Hague

19 Dec, 2012

Decision to name a chunk of Antarctica after Queen is provocative, says geopolitics professor

18 Dec, 2012

She might be tempted to speak out on gay marriage and Leveson - but risks a constitutional crisis if she does

12 Dec, 2012

Long-range missile puts satellite into orbit, but tests could be part of nuclear programme

29 Nov, 2012

Ecuador reveals effects of Julian Assange's isolation, but he still faces arrest if he goes to hospital

Rebel in Aleppo, Syria
20 Nov, 2012

William Hague officially recognises Syrian opposition, but makes no mention of arming rebels

06 Nov, 2012

British businessman whose death sparked ructions in Chinese Communist Party, 'passed information to MI6'

06 Nov, 2012

Meanwhile X himself tells Telegraph the sex abuse allegations are 'totally without any grounds'

05 Nov, 2012

Former Defence Secretary tells Cameron there can't be one rule for the BBC and another for the Tories