William Hague

19 Aug, 2012

WikiLeaks founder calls on President Obama to ‘do the right thing’ but makes no promise to give himself up

10 Aug, 2012

Opinion digest: global progress, Syrian regime change and British multiculturalism

25 Jul, 2012

The calls for Osborne's head would be deafening if MPs weren't on holiday. But how long can this go on?

24 Jul, 2012

West condemns threat to use WMD against foreign forces: 'the world is watching' says Obama

20 Jul, 2012

Border with Iraq and key Turkish frontier posts now in rebel hands, but China and Russia block progress at UN

Morsi win for the Muslim Brotherhood
25 Jun, 2012

Mohammed Morsi makes promises to women, children and Christians after finally being declared president

20 Jun, 2012

Reports of blackmail and leaky buses filter back from the frontline of geopolitics

Homs child, Syria
08 Jun, 2012

Foreign Secretary warns of descent into sectarian violence with village turning against village

Robert Fox
06 Jun, 2012

President al-Assad can count on Russian support, but social media means his internal repression cannot be ignored forever