William Hague

Homs child, Syria

Massacre of children in Houla is a 'game-changer' for Syria

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Mon 28 May, AT 09:28

Killing of 49 children by Assad regime has galvanised attempts to persuade China and Russia to fall into line on Syria

Mass grave at Houla after Syria massacre

What now for Syria as massacre leaves peace process in shreds?

Talking Point
Sun 27 May, AT 08:12

More than 90 people, including 32 children, killed as troops shell the village of Houla

Queen Sofia

Gibraltar row forces Queen of Spain to snub Diamond Jubilee do

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Thu 17 May, AT 09:18

Spanish government tells Queen Sofia to refuse Queen Elizabeth's invitation to Windsor Castle


LOL! Brooks corrected PM's text speak, but didn't talk Coulson

Fri 11 May, AT 13:43
The Mole

Rebekah Brooks tells Leveson that David Cameron never talked to her about mutual employee Andy Coulson


Local elections: Cameron and Clegg plan 'renewal of vows'

Fri 4 May, AT 11:04
The Mole

Conservatives will not turn right - and Lib Dems will ignore calls to ditch Coalition

William Hague

Why Britain's aid efforts could be a victim of Somalia's Spring

Point of View
Wed 2 May, AT 07:49

'The economy without a state' wants to talk to investors - not be patronised by Kenya-based aid workers

Hague faces calls to expel Syrian ambassador after Homs massacre

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Sun 5 Feb, AT 12:42

London embassy was defended by riot police after attack by 150 protesters

Somalian pirate

Government 'approves ransoms to Somali pirates'

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Mon 16 Jan, AT 09:36

William Hague's claims that the coalition doesn't facilitate payments called into question

Liam Fox

Liam Fox, Adam Werritty & the Atlantic Bridge mystery

Thu 6 Oct, AT 11:40
The Mole

Labour MPs are gunning for Liam Fox after Charity Commission closes his neo-con outfit