Winston Churchill

VE Day

VE Day: how peace finally returned to Britain

Fri 8 May, AT 15:35

The 70th anniversary of VE Day is being commemorated with ceremonies, parades and street parties

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill quotes: memorable words of a master orator

Tue 3 Mar, AT 11:45

From digs at Americans to gags about breasts, nothing was out of bounds for Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: greatest British hero or a warmongering villain?

Fri 23 Jan, AT 15:44

Historians continue to debate whether Winston Churchill, one of history's most complex figures, deserves a place in Britain's pantheon

D-Day plus 70: what a pity the French misunderstood Churchill

Fri 6 Jun, AT 11:35
Crispin Black

Europe does not have to be run from Berlin: it would be better run from Paris and London

Criado-Perez scare: what turns men into misogynist bullies?

Wed 7 Aug, AT 13:52
Coline Covington

As another man is arrested, a psychoanalyst's take on why men today might feel insecure and attack women

Persuasion: why Jane Austen will be face of new £10 note

One-Minute Read
Tue 25 Jun, AT 14:55

Mervyn King reveals novelist will appear on banknote after campaign to keep women in circulation

Migrants face test on Thatcher, Churchill and Monty Python

One-Minute Read
Sun 27 Jan, AT 11:17

Coalition revises 'politically correct' citizenship handbook - and cuts Tony Blair's entry to one paragraph

Crispin Black

100 years on... Let's not forget our achievement in the Great War

Thu 17 Jan, AT 13:57
Crispin Black

As the August 1914 anniversary approaches, there is already a row over how it should be marked

Shrink the state: Cameron and Clegg complete Thatcher's task

Point of View
Thu 10 Jan, AT 08:03

Privatising the probation service is not about cutting the deficit – it's a purely ideological coalition move


Queen must zip her lips for today's Cabinet meeting

Tue 18 Dec, AT 09:40
The Mole

She might be tempted to speak out on gay marriage and Leveson - but risks a constitutional crisis if she does