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Winston Churchill

Nick Griffin; Question Time; BNP; BBC

Griffin: ‘Churchill would have been a BNP member’

Fri 23 Oct, AT 13:49

Six protestors arrested before BNP leader appears on ‘ultra leftist’ BBC Question Time

Barack Obama 100 days

Obama and Churchill friends again after 100 days

Thu 30 Apr, AT 10:12

Winston Churchill was right to denounce torture, says President as he completes his first 100 days

Our Afghanistan heroes are playing to an empty gallery

Wed 29 Oct, AT 08:35

The British public’s appreciation of war and glowing passion for a fight has gone, never to return again, says Peregrine Worsthorne

Why Winston Churchill is not really a war hero

Wed 22 Oct, AT 01:00

Britain’s wartime PM would have been a truly great leader if he had atoned for his warmongering, says Peregrine Worsthorne