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'Not nearly enough women' in Cabinet, says Cameron

First Reaction
Mon 18 Feb, AT 15:18

PM admits the government needs more women - but why did he need his wife to explain it to him?

Mary Beard

Why do Brits have a problem with clever females?

Talking Point
Thu 24 Jan, AT 13:00

Mary Beard scandal suggests Britain’s attitude to successful women is ‘broken’

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Nine women who might benefit from Hollande's Cabinet promise

Tue 15 May, AT 11:50

Can the new French President really assemble a Cabinet that is 50 per cent female?

Race row as Swedish minister cuts cake shaped like African woman

Wed 18 Apr, AT 08:45

Culture minister slices 'genitals' of caricatured cake as blacked-up artist screams in mock pain

Samantha Brick

The wisdom of Samantha Brick: what else has she been saying?

Deja Vu
Thu 5 Apr, AT 15:31

More quotes from the Daily Mail writer who thinks she is hated by women because she is beautiful

Samantha Brick - Daily Mail

Samantha Brick: media-savvy beauty or just plain delusional?

Media Watch
Wed 4 Apr, AT 12:37

Angry backlash over Brick's 'women hate me for being beautiful' article is a victory for Daily Mail

Afghanistan killings

Britain and US fear reprisals as Taliban vow revenge for 16 dead

First Post
Mon 12 Mar, AT 08:07

Why did he do it? And is the hard-won trust built up between soldiers and some civilians now lost?

Woman protesting against cuts

Little to celebrate in UK on International Women's Day

One-Minute Read
Thu 8 Mar, AT 13:10

Equality drive has gone into reverse as women pay the price for government's policies, say columnists

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis is London’s ‘most influential’ woman

Tue 8 Mar, AT 14:31

Metro readers vote the 2006 X-Factor winner the most influential woman of the last century