World Cup

World Cup whispers fever
One-Minute Read
15 Jun, 2010

World Cup fever: Pele and Maradona at each other's throats as Adidas go on the attack

One-Minute Read
04 May, 2010

The red-haired actor ‘executed’ in MIA's pop promo has been culled from Shakira’s new video

Dr Sonnette Ehlers
One-Minute Read
28 Apr, 2010

A doctor wants to give out 30,000 anti-rape devices in South Africa

FA chief exec Ian Watmore and Fabio Capello
One-Minute Read
23 Mar, 2010

Ian Watmore’s resignation leaves the 2018 World Cup campaign with questions to answer

Anyone But England T-shirt World Cup
One-Minute Read
25 Feb, 2010

Police warn Aberdeen store that window display could cause a disturbance

Fabio Capello
One-Minute Read
23 Feb, 2010

But the manager says he is ‘satisfied’ with progress at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Complex

Ashley Cole
One-Minute Read
12 Feb, 2010

Ashley Cole’s broken ankle could mean Wayne Bridge playing alongside John Terry

Wayne Rooney England
One-Minute Read
02 Feb, 2010

If John Terry loses the job, Fabio Capello could turn to the Manchester United striker

Fabio Capello
One-Minute Read
29 Jan, 2010

England coach will not allow social networking sites or newpsper columns for his players

Thierry Henry Handball
One-Minute Read
18 Jan, 2010

Committee finds there is ‘no legal foundation’ for case against the former Arsenal man