World War 2

VE Day

VE Day: how peace finally returned to Britain

Fri 8 May, AT 15:35

The 70th anniversary of VE Day is being commemorated with ceremonies, parades and street parties

Winston Churchill: greatest British hero or a warmongering villain?

Fri 23 Jan, AT 15:44

Historians continue to debate whether Winston Churchill, one of history's most complex figures, deserves a place in Britain's pantheon

Hitler's holiday resort to be turned into luxury flats, hotel and spa

First Reaction
Wed 17 Dec, AT 15:59

Critics say the redevelopment of Prora, a Nazi seaside 'paradise', affirms Hitler's vision

Adolf Hitler

How did World War 2 start, 75 years ago today?

Wed 3 Sep, AT 10:06

The Treaty of Versailles may have set the scene, but WW2's main progenitor was one man: Adolf Hitler

Crispin Black

Germany should have given up a province for the Jewish people

Thu 7 Aug, AT 08:59
Crispin Black

The Jews should have been offered a homeland in Franconia, with Jerusalem a place of pilgrimage

The World War I exhibit at the Imperial War Museum

New Imperial War Museum is spectacular and heartbreaking

First Reaction
Thu 17 Jul, AT 13:45

'Fascinating and frequently heartbreaking' exhibits make up for more 'adult' transformation

Allied paratroopers during WWII

D-Day veteran of 89 repeats parachute jump into France

One-Minute Read
Fri 6 Jun, AT 09:41

Jock Hutton arrived in Normandy for the D-Day commemorations as he did in 1944 – by parachute

Auschwitz concentration camp

Holocaust Memorial Day: honouring 6m victims

Mon 27 Jan, AT 10:32

Events held across UK on 27 January mark liberation of Auschwitz in 1945

WWII strategy game Company of Heroes 2 heads to Russia

Hot Ticket
Mon 1 Jul, AT 07:58

Enjoyably cinematic sequel set on the Eastern Front is a milestone for gaming visuals