World War 2

VE Day
In Depth
08 May, 2015

The 70th anniversary of VE Day is being commemorated with ceremonies, parades and street parties

23 Jan, 2015

Historians continue to debate whether Winston Churchill, one of history's most complex figures, deserves a place in Britain's pantheon

17 Dec, 2014

Critics say the redevelopment of Prora, a Nazi seaside 'paradise', affirms Hitler's vision

Adolf Hitler
In Depth
03 Sep, 2014

The Treaty of Versailles may have set the scene, but WW2's main progenitor was one man: Adolf Hitler

Crispin Black
07 Aug, 2014

The Jews should have been offered a homeland in Franconia, with Jerusalem a place of pilgrimage

The World War I exhibit at the Imperial War Museum
17 Jul, 2014

'Fascinating and frequently heartbreaking' exhibits make up for more 'adult' transformation

Allied paratroopers during WWII
One-Minute Read
06 Jun, 2014

Jock Hutton arrived in Normandy for the D-Day commemorations as he did in 1944 – by parachute

Auschwitz concentration camp
In Depth
27 Jan, 2014

Events held across UK on 27 January mark liberation of Auschwitz in 1945

01 Jul, 2013

Enjoyably cinematic sequel set on the Eastern Front is a milestone for gaming visuals