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World War II

WWII strategy game Company of Heroes 2 heads to Russia

Hot Ticket
Mon 1 Jul, AT 07:58

Enjoyably cinematic sequel set on the Eastern Front is a milestone for gaming visuals

Patrick Moore's lifetime grudge against the Germans

One-Minute Read
Mon 10 Dec, AT 10:21

After the nurse he met in World War II was killed in a bomb raid, astronomer remained a bachelor for life

Goodnight Mister Tom: not a dry eye in the house

Hot Ticket
Mon 3 Dec, AT 08:36

Enchanting adaptation of well-loved children's novel leaves critics reaching for the Kleenex

GCHQ code breakers stumped by D-Day pigeon that got lost

One-Minute Read
Fri 23 Nov, AT 11:35

Retired intelligence officers are being sought to crack a coded message sent during the Allied invasion of France

Gore Vidal dies at 86: ten things you might want to know

First Post
Wed 1 Aug, AT 12:45

'I never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television,' said the American man of letters

Michael Bywater

How Alan Turing could have prevented the Natwest foul-up

Thu 28 Jun, AT 15:13
Michael Bywater

Managers do not understand computer geeks or what they do. So they sack them and pay the consequences


Roy Hodgson is mediocre: the England job should be Redknapp's

Opinion digest
Mon 30 Apr, AT 09:51

Opinion Digest: Hodgson's unlikely promotion, how London is sucking England dry and the Long Depression