Nasdaq Drops

Technology shares in decline: Dotbomb 2.0 or slow puncture?

Personal Finance
Fri 11 Apr, AT 16:17

Shares in tech giants including Google, Yahoo and Facebook fall sharply, but could it be time to invest?

Neymar's Intel flash: what it says about internet of things

Mon 20 Jan, AT 10:43
The Conversation

Barcelona's $25m deal with Intel kick-starts a sponsorship revolution, says Simon Chadwick


Yahoo overtakes Google as most visited US website

Fri 23 Aug, AT 11:01

Shake-up by new CEO Marissa Meyer looks to be working in battle for Web domination

Yahoo buys Tumblr in $1.1 billion deal

First Reaction
Mon 20 May, AT 13:21

Deal is major gamble for CEO Marissa Mayer - Yahoo has history of 'making companies it buys uncool'

Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer makes $36.6m – in six months

One-Minute Read
Wed 1 May, AT 09:58

Tech firm tries to soothe shareholder anger as chief executive's pay is revealed

Apple's profits fall for first time in a decade: has it lost its bite?

Talking Point
Wed 24 Apr, AT 13:39

Company no longer 'king of the heap' as profits go from 'WTF to OMG' with no new products coming

Real reason why Yahoo blew $30m on teen's Summly app

One-Minute Read
Wed 10 Apr, AT 14:51

Deal had more to do with the app's technology than the talents of its teenage creator, Nick D'Aloisio

Teenager Nick D'Aloisio sells Summly to Yahoo 'for $30m'

One-Minute Read
Tue 26 Mar, AT 08:55

Seventeen-year-old does deal after securing early funding from Ashton Kutcher and Yoko Ono

Ten technology companies to watch out for in 2013

Mon 7 Jan, AT 15:50

Which start-ups will make it big this year and can web dinosaurs like MySpace be revived?

Facebook phone

Facebook hits a billion users - but second billion will be harder

First Reaction
Fri 5 Oct, AT 08:01

Mark Zuckerberg faces challenge of growing in emerging markets and making as much money out of users as Google