Columnist Don Brind
08 May, 2015

What are we to make of recent polling that shows Brits will vote to stay in EU. Is that wrong too?

Columnist Don Brind
06 Mar, 2015

And in London, Ed Miliband’s party pulls 12 points ahead of the Tories - best since last May

Columnist Don Brind
03 Mar, 2015

Two new polls show Tories leading Labour – while Feb average has them ahead for first time in three years

Columnist Don Brind
25 Feb, 2015

As for Labour and Conservative chances on 7 May, it’s another day of ‘poller opposites’

Columnist Don Brind
23 Feb, 2015

Tory chairman says they only have to win over 11,000 voters to grab victory. Wrong, says our poll-watcher

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne
18 Dec, 2014

Autumn Statement was supposed to set Tories on road to victory – but voters say he’s being extreme

Columnist Don Brind
13 Nov, 2014

New polling gives Cameron hope – but winning a majority means taking votes from Ukip not Labour

Don Brind
19 Sep, 2014

Pollsters will face questions about methods especially after that 7 Sept 'rogue poll'

Don Brind
23 Sep, 2013

Cameron fares better – but since the last election there has been little switching between Tory and Labour voters

12 Sep, 2013

Two new polls show that Ed Miliband is a drag on Labour's chances of winning the 2015 election