Young Vic

Oh My Sweet Land play

Oh My Sweet Land – reviews of 'mesmerising' Syrian drama

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Wed 23 Apr, AT 08:27

Corinne Jaber's 'searing' one-woman show about Syria gives the headlines a human face

Mark Strong stars in A View from The Bridge

A View From the Bridge – reviews of 'great' Miller revival

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Tue 15 Apr, AT 08:02

Mark Strong wows critics in a 'superb' fresh take on Arthur Miller's modern classic at the Young Vic

Conrad's Secret Agent gets timely staging at Young Vic

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Thu 12 Sep, AT 07:50

Theatre O's experimental twist on Joseph Conrad's terrorism thriller has flashes of brilliance

Joe Wright's Season in the Congo is 'intoxicating'

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Wed 24 Jul, AT 07:30

Chiwetel Ejiofor is utterly commanding in Young Vic's 'eye-popping' alternative musical

Young Vic updates Ibsen's 'gripping' Public Enemy

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Mon 20 May, AT 07:12

Young Vic blows the dust off this classic play about politics, the environment and whistle-blowers

Young Vic's My Perfect Mind 'charming, funny and bizarre'

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Wed 10 Apr, AT 07:16

Edward Petherbridge's new play is 'like watching a King Lear masterclass under the influence of LSD'

Cate Blanchett

Surreal thing: Cate Blanchett wins best actress nomination

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Tue 13 Nov, AT 14:30

Youth, smaller venues and a Hollywood star dominate the Evening Standard Theatre Awards shortlist

A Doll's House - Young Vic

Young Vic's sexy, passionate new Doll's House revival

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Wed 11 Jul, AT 07:14

Hattie Morahan's bravura performance as Ibsen's frustrated housewife elevates her to the front rank of British actors

After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie: kitchen sink drama with an erotic charge

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Mon 26 Mar, AT 11:22

In Downton Abbey-loving austerity Britain, this blast from the past feels like a play for today