Zlatan Ibrahimovic

04 Apr, 2013

PSG threatens legal action after British midfielder takes to Twitter to question Brazilian's 'gender'

03 Apr, 2013

English midfielder surprise choice in starting XI, as late goal gives PSG hope

Wayne Rooney
16 Nov, 2012

A cap on salaries would save the clubs and make for better matches across the Premier League

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
15 Nov, 2012

Swedish striker's masterclass finally convinces sceptical English of his talents

15 Nov, 2012

Where does the Swedish superstar's brilliant goal against England rank in the all-time list?

15 Nov, 2012

'The best goal I have ever seen live,' says Steve Gerrard as England go down 4-2 in Stockholm

08 Nov, 2012

Rival fans mock Gunners as they brave question and answer session on Twitter

Fernando Llorente
02 Oct, 2012

Spaniard on the way out of Bilbao after training ground bust-up, strange rumours in Liverpool

13 Aug, 2012

Wenger lines up Bendtner, Mexes swap deal as Sahin move gets closer

17 Jul, 2012

Forward known as 'The Truck' nominated for European player of the season award