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Pee-proof paint could dampen desperate Manchester drinkers

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 Apr, AT 11:53

Hamburg has already trialled the high-tech nano-paint that repels liquids back onto late-night revellers

Internet security: how to protect yourself in two hours

Wed 11 Mar, AT 13:01

Take these seven steps to guard against online threats including viruses, hacking and identity theft

Google Translate

Google Translate review: how well does the new app work?

Fri 16 Jan, AT 12:15

Updated Google app interprets quickly across many languages – but some things are still lost in translation

GoPro Hero4

GoPro Hero4 review: first test videos emerge

First Reaction
Fri 3 Oct, AT 10:35

Reviewers praise GoPro’s three new action cameras – the Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and entry-level Hero – set for release next week

Ello Logo

Ello: what you need to know about the 'anti-Facebook' social network

Fri 26 Sep, AT 15:02

Fast-growing new site Ello promises 'beauty, simplicity and transparency' – and no advertising

Jennifer Lawrence

Celeb photo leak: is sexting ever safe?

Fri 5 Sep, AT 13:43

Fears about online security have led to new interest in apps claiming to offer a safe way of sharing pics

What is Twitch and is it really worth $970m?

Tue 26 Aug, AT 14:29

Analysts say Amazon's swoop for video game streaming platform Twitch could turn out to be very good business

Cybathlon: first 'bionic Olympics' to be held in 2016

One-Minute Read
Fri 28 Mar, AT 15:26

Exoskeleton races and a mind-controlled videogame contest will be among the disciplines at Cybathlon

Sergey Brin ridiculed for saying mobile phones 'emasculating'

First Reaction
Thu 28 Feb, AT 15:20

But how can the 'geek' behind Google's Android OS tell people what is manly and what isn't?

HTC mobile phone

Apple and HTC settle patent case

One-Minute Read
Mon 12 Nov, AT 14:12

Technology giants declare truce in their long-running patent dispute, dismissing all current lawsuits