Cybathlon: first 'bionic Olympics' to be held in 2016

One-Minute Read Fri 28 Mar, AT 15:26

Exoskeleton races and a mind-controlled videogame contest will be among the disciplines at Cybathlon

Sergey Brin ridiculed for saying mobile phones 'emasculating'

First Reaction Thu 28 Feb, AT 15:20

But how can the 'geek' behind Google's Android OS tell people what is manly and what isn't?

HTC mobile phone

Apple and HTC settle patent case

One-Minute Read Mon 12 Nov, AT 14:12

Technology giants declare truce in their long-running patent dispute, dismissing all current lawsuits

David Cameron at the UN

iRule: David Cameron trials his No 10 dashboard app

One-Minute Read Thu 8 Nov, AT 14:28

Prime Minister is so happy with new app he can't wait to show it to Obama at G8 summit


Project X at Googleplex hints at radical new product lines

One-Minute Read Mon 13 Feb, AT 15:27

Google's $120m refurbishment looks set to make it a hardware rival to Apple


Twitter finally lets its users upload photos

News Wed 10 Aug, AT 19:09

After five years of having to post links to other sites, users can post photos onto the site