Will Google car be overtaken by Germans?

News Mon 11 Oct, AT 16:19

Video: T U Braunschweig have built their own car which has already driven the streets of Brunswick

Twitter redesign

Twitter takes a risk with mega-redesign

News Thu 16 Sep, AT 14:05

Sweet and simple no longer – Twitter goes for pictures, videos and embedded maps

Google takes on Skype with Gmail phone service

News Thu 26 Aug, AT 16:40

The search giant branches out yet again - but will it affect Skype's flotation?


Face recognition software raises privacy concerns

News Mon 23 Aug, AT 19:08

Face.com software can be used to build up a profile of someone from just one photograph


Broadband providers are fibbing about their speeds

News Tue 27 Jul, AT 17:49

Ofcom aims to get tough as many download speeds are found to be half what ISPs are advertising

Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone 4

Apple told to recall iPhone 4 over signal problem

News Wed 14 Jul, AT 12:04

Brand could be damaged by Consumer Report test that proves hardware fault claim