Cat tail for humans wags if you're happy - video

Jan 3, 2013

A fluffy tail that monitors your heart rate offers a new way to express feelings, says inventor

TELLING someone they look like the "cat that got the cream" could take on a new meaning if a high-tech fluffy tail for humans catches on.

The 'Tailly' is hooked up to a heart monitor and wags faster if the wearer gets excited.  Its inventor, Japan's Shota Ishiwatari, wants to launch it in the UK this year and says it could help people communicate more effectively.

"Tailly, which comes in four colours, is fun to wear to parties," he says and suggests it could be worn on dates to "express your true feelings through the wagging tail".

Ishiwatari is seeking funds to develop his product and has set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote it.

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