Sony PS4 launch: nice graphics but what about the console?

Feb 21, 2013

'Smoke and mirrors' presentation in New York fails to reveal what PS4 will look like

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SONY last night unveiled its long-overdue new gaming system PlayStation 4, but perplexed reviewers by refusing to show the console or reveal the price, saying only that it would be in stores by Christmas 2013.

The company showed off the impressive graphics that PS4 games will be able to offer and gave the world a glimpse of the new handset. It also outlined the console's specifications, which include 8GB of memory - but kept it hidden from view.

Instead, Sony, which has not made a profit in four years and has lost ground to competitors like Microsoft and Nintendo, used the two-hour event in New York to outline its vision for the future of gaming and repeat the PS4 mantra: "Simple; immediate; social; integrated; personalisation”.

Edge-Online called the PS4 slogan "less than snappy" while Wired was deeply unimpressed. "Talk is the cheapest thing there is,” the website said. "And that's basically what Sony did: it espoused a philosophy, said the names of a lot of popular games, but didn't give us any real concrete information in an age where it’s more important than ever." The launch, it said, appeared to "be all smoke and mirrors".

Gizmodo was equally put out. "We heard about lofty ideas behind the development of the new console, but as the hours of demos and introductions dragged on, it became increasingly obvious that we weren't actually going to see the PlayStation 4," it said.

The event was "really depressing" Gizmodo moaned. "Sony either isn't ready for primetime, or Sony thinks the best way to get us interested is to play hard to get."

The decision not to announce the price or shipping date will give Sony "room to manoeuvre should it need to respond to any gaming announcements from Microsoft", said The Verge, which predicted further announcements through the year.

The Independent was more forgiving. "It was enough for now," said the paper. "Sony deserves to feel relieved this morning."

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Just as i thought.Next gen consoles all need to have a gimmick now like motion control and cross platform playability,because there are zero upgrades graphic wise.Every time a next gen console is mentioned the developers avoid talking about graphics like it was never important.What they are really doing is treating us like babies.Jingling their car keys in our face saying"look over here! you guys dont care about all that innovative stuff like graphics and game play". Does anybody even remember why they became gamers?Or what the home console manufacturers had to do to get us to buy their hardware in the first place? Now that they dont have to work for our money they think they have us where they want us,so we will buy anything they throw at us.I bought a Neo Geo X Gold edition,and i am its proud owner.All you haters get to buy a PS4.This is why gamers are turning to retro consoles.Give me my nes/snes any day.

And it doesnt take long to realize what they call better graphics is more of making things too dark to see and making objects have so much glare that you dont WANT to look at them.Im looking at you xbox.

the other side is that the new neo geo is some old shit brought to daylight again with a new good looking overlay... thats it ! i think the new Playstation is a new inovative console that gives a guy who cant afford a new high end 2000 € pc some very good gear for (just guess) 500€ and realy, if i want to have retro game feeling i buy a Tekken 6 gamePAD (also with stick) and add some ps one games from the store.
haters gonna hate - cant wait for the future!