HTC One Mini smartphone banned from the UK

HTC One Mini

Nokia win patent battle, forcing HTC One Mini off UK shelves by the end of the week

LAST UPDATED AT 10:50 ON Wed 4 Dec 2013

A JUDGE ruled today that HTC will be banned from selling its One Mini smartphone in the UK from the end of this week.

The court upheld a complaint by Nokia that the Taiwanese company had breached a patent protecting a "technology used to transmit voice and text messages," reports the Financial Times.

HTC’s flagship smartphone, the HTC One, was also found to infringe the patent, but a ban on selling that model was postponed to give the company time to appeal.

Judge Richard Arnold  said that a sales ban on the HTC One in the run-up to Christmas would cause "considerable" damage to HTC’s business, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Having already filed an urgent appeal, HTC said that they are working with suppliers to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

"Rest assured that our award-winning HTC One handset will be available as usual," the company said in a statement.

HTC had tried to argue that the microchip, which was the subject of the dispute, was too small and therefore did not justify a blanket UK sales ban.

Nokia said that the infringement by HTC had led to "lost sales of Lumia phones since the launch of the One range." · 

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