And action! The seven most extreme GoPro videos

May 20, 2014

Outrun an avalanche, fly an F18 and hug a lion with these remarkable GoPro videos


GoPro, which makes wearable cameras for extreme sports enthusiasts, has announced plans to float on the US stock markets as it seeks to raise up to $100m. 

The Silicon Valley-based company has not yet said how much its shares will cost, AFP reports, but it did say on Monday that it is already making a profit, with a net income of $60.6m on almost a billion dollars in revenue last year. 

GoPro Inc's cameras are used by sportspeople to capture action videos from their own perspective. Since the cameras were released in 2004, GoPro users have produce somed some breathtaking – and often nerve-jangling – videos and shared them online. Below are seven of the best.

Outrun an avalanche and ski off a cliff

Skiiers Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude took this impressive footage in 2011 in the French Alps. The duo ski down a cliff and parachute over the edge just ahead of an avalanche. Phew.

Backflip over a 72-foot canyon

Daredevil cyclist Kelly McGarry rides down the side of a cliff and backflips over a canyon. See the ride from another angle here.

Win the World Series with the Boston Red Sox 

Storm the pitch, go inside the locker room, and travel on the team's open-topped bus with this video taken by outfielder Shane Victorino when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series last year.

Go Vertical skydiving 

A world record 138 skydivers took part in this vertical skydiving stunt, forming a "snowflake formation" at speeds up to 220mph. 

Hug a lion 

The "lion whisperer", Kevin Richardson, shows how he got his name in this moving video featuring the two lions – Meg and Amy – who he raised after they were abandoned by their mother.

Fly an F18 fighter jet

Go inside the cockpit of one of the most famous fighter jets in the world as it banks, barrel rolls and loops the loop.

Go for a flight with a seagull

This cheeky seagull stole Lukas Karasek's camera when he was on holiday in Cannes, France. He eventually managed to retrieve it from the seagull's perch on a nearby castle wall.

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