Ultimate dog tease tops list of most-viewed UK videos

Dec 20, 2011

YouTube's top ten for the UK in 2011 includes Nyan Cat, the 'royal wedding' and Charlie Sheen

A VIDEO of a 'talking' dog being mercilessly teased about food has beaten off competition including a fake royal wedding to be listed by YouTube as the UK's most watched clip of 2011.

The one-minute video, titled 'Ultimate Dog Tease', has been viewed almost 75m times worldwide since it was posted by user Klaatu42 as one of a series of overdubbed animal videos which include a bored cat grudgingly playing I Spy and a beaver welcoming unheeding drivers to Canada.

In the chart-topping clip, the unseen 'owner' of an Alsatian tells his mutt about the delicious treats he has prepared – and then eaten himself, much to the dog's chagrin. The humour comes from the perfect timing with which the owner's words - especially "bacon" - seem to make the dog's ears twitch.

The second most-watched clip was a promo created by phone firm T-Mobile in advance of the royal wedding which shows 'Prince William' dancing, as previously reported on The Week.

At third and fourth respectively are videos featuring Charlie Sheen and a flying cat. 'Songify This: Winning' capitalised on the car-crash popularity of Charlie Sheen's very public breakdown by turning his meandering rants into a catchy song.

Using the auto-tune software that has helped many a manufactured pop group stay in key on their records, creators the Gregory Brothers made Sheen sing lines such as: "I was banging seven gram rocks – that's how I roll!" More than 37m people watched.

Meanwhile, 54m people worldwide have seen the UK's fourth-most-watched video, the original version of Nyan Cat (the film has spawned many imitators and re-edited versions).

This bizarre little clip shows a blockily-animated cat flying through space as it sings an infuriating melody with just one repeated nonsense syllable as its lyrics, "nyan". The cat's body appears to be a Pop Tart – a popular US snack food – and it leaves a multicoloured trail in its wake, or "poops rainbows" as one commenter has it.

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