Will iPhone 5 cost $800? Apple fans outraged by price rumour

Aug 2, 2012

For $800, it had better be waterproof, fireproof, and be able to download food, say Apple fans

THE hotly anticipated iPhone 5 has been the subject of endless rumours in the technology world – but none have upset Apple fans quite as much as the latest tale about its price.
iPhone lovers took to Twitter today to complain bitterly about an unverified report that the new phone would cost $800.
The phrase '#800DollarsForAniPhone' fast became the most talked about topic on the worldwide social network this morning.
"It better be waterproof, fireproof, crackproof, dirtproof, bulletproof" wrote one Tweeter, astounded by the idea of paying so much for a phone. Many branded it a "rip-off", with one fan balking: "It better be able to find me when I lose it."
Others had similarly high expectations of such a costly gadget. Some hoped that it would "catch itself" if it was dropped, "turn into a jetpack" when airplane mode was on and have the ability to "download food".
It was difficult to pinpoint where the rumour began. It is thought by some that it could be a misinterpretation of an article about the target price of Apple shares, published last week. The $800 figure was mentioned in the context of brokers lowering price targets for Apple stock as customers chose not to upgrade their phones until the iPhone 5 was released.
Another source for the rumour may have come from a GamenGuide.com article, which reported that some retailers were taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5. It pointed out that a seller on the auction site, Taobao, had asked for $1,100 but GamenGuide put this down to a scam, saying "the iPhone will cost a pretty penny, but pigs will fly before it costs that much".
As Apple has not released any official price yet and the rumour remains unverified, it seems unlikely that the price is accurate. Although if Apple was after free market research to determine its price strategy – or indeed any ambitious functions for the iPhone 6 – it need look no further than its thousands of fans on Twitter who had their say today.

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There will be no " iPhone 5 " .

1st iPhone- "iPhone"
2nd iPhone- "iPhone 3G"
3rd iPhone- "iPhone 3GS"
4th iPhone- "iPhone 4"
5th iPhone- "iPhone 4S" (aka iPhone 5)

6th iPhone- "?"
Maybe "iPhone 6", "The New iPhone", or "iPhone HD"... Who knows.

As for the 'Phone finding you', there's always "Find my iPhone".

$800 ? Pah - why not make it $1,800. Those chumps who insist on buying the late Mr Jobs' massively overpriced, underperforming triumphs of style over content deserve to be stiffed at every opportunity.

The iPhone 4S is not "also known as" the iPhone 5... Under that reasoning, there is no iPhone 4 because of the 3GS (aka iPhone 4)

Time was... your phone contract came to its end, you wandered into your carrier's retail shop, signed up for another year, and picked out a free "upgrade" phone. Smartphones however are EXPENSIVE - far moreso than "ordinary" phones, because of competition between brands to do more. Doing more COSTS more, with the current (pretty much undisputed) market leader (Samsung Galaxy 3) costing around £500, when Sim Free and unsubsidised. Android's "Jelly Bean" operating system is also raising the bar. If Apple's new baby isn't at least as good as Samsung's Galaxy 3, they might as well give up and go home. $800 isn't THAT much more expensive than the cost of the Samsung, Given Apple's history of charging every cent that the market will bear (and more) I'd be amazed if the RRP of the new iPhone wasn't substantially higher than £500.

Milk Captain Fanboy for every penny. He doesn't have a girlfriend to spend the money on anyway.

No doubt when it's been out a year you will be able to pick one up at half the price. And as a bonus they may have sorted out all software problems that seem to come with each new iphone.

The iPhone5 won't be able to outperform the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1.1, that's for sure and that's why Apple attacks it in the U.S.
In Germany, we can buy the no-contract Nexus (which is upgraded by Google constantly, i.e. no wait for Samsung like with the S3) for 300 Euro now, it's a steal -- yeah, you're limited to 16 GB, but rarely does one need more.
I'm totally happy with mine :-).

IPhone 4S 64gb is $849 unlocked. So what's all the fuss about? An utterly non-story!

I totally love my 3gs that I just bought. It cost lots, but it will be with me a long time and worth every penny. All the Mac products I've had since my first computer have been fantastico :)