iPhone 6: Apple plans big upgrade for two new models

iPhone 6 with wrap-around screen design

A new processor, super-slim frame and large high-resolution screens will whip up a frenzy, say analysts

LAST UPDATED AT 13:26 ON Thu 17 Apr 2014

THE iPhone 6 will be a substantial upgrade to Apple’s flagship handset with two screen sizes, a super-slim frame, more processing power and a new location for the power button, the latest claims suggest.

Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, says that Apple is planning two new iPhones this year, a 4.7-inch device in late summer and a 5.5-inch one in autumn. Both new handsets would be bigger than the current 5S and 5C models, which have a 4-inch screen.

“Apple knows that it needs to release a phone with a bigger screen,” reports Business Insider. “Last year, in an internal presentation, it said big-screen phones are the best-selling phones. Since Apple had only a 4-inch iPhone, it concluded, ‘customers want what we don't have’.”

The predictions appear to be supported by images recently posted to Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, which experts say depict plans for a 4.7-inch iPhone:

"The prints appear to detail the production methods and dimensions of a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone," the Daily Telegraph reports. "The pictures are believed to have been taken inside a Foxconn factory in China, one of the manufacturing companies used by Apple for iPhone production."

KGI Securities' analyst made a number of other claims about features of the forthcoming iPhone 6 models:

  • The 4.7-inch phone will have a screen resolution of 1,334x750, or 326 pixels per inch
  • Resolution on the 5.5-inch phone will be 1,920x1080, or 401ppi
  • Both new phones will be slimmer overall, at 6.5mm to 7mm thick. The current iPhone 5S is 7.6mm
  • The power button will move from the top of the phone to the side, in order to facilitate one-handed operation of the larger handsets.

Kuo’s claims tally with prediction made by the MacRumors website. “Apple's 2013 focus was a less expensive iPhone to go alongside its standard flagship offering,” it reports, “while 2014 development [will] centre around a bigger display.”

“Apple is reportedly testing a variety of different prototypes,” the site continues. “All of the reports have indicated a size ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches.”

According to AppleInsider, “Kuo believes the 4.7-inch device will be Apple's main driver of handset sales in late 2014 and full-year shipments could hit 60 million units. The larger model may cannibalize sales of the iPad mini, but if the company can reduce the price tag of its smaller tablet, its portfolio should remain strong.” 

iPhone 6: new phone 'to get pressure and heat sensors'

4 April

THE iPhone 6, expected to launch later this year, will monitor the temperature, humidity and pressure of its surroundings, according to an Apple analyst based in China.

Sun Chang Xu, the chief analyst at ESM-China, quoted a contact within Apple who works on MEMS – micro-electromechanical systems – for the company. She said that the new phone would be able to gather information about the weather and relay it to Apple.

According to technology news website The Register, the iPhone 6 is likely to monitor not only meteorological conditions but also the condition of its owner.

“The addition of sensors tallies with a recent leak which showed Apple was developing a health monitoring system and an app called HealthBook,” the site reports. “The rumoured iWatch would probably work with this app to help [users] monitor their fitness levels and chart day to day exercise.”

If these sensors do turn up in the iPhone 6, which is expected later this year, Apple would be following the lead of its great rival, Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, unveiled a year ago, included humidity and temperatures sensors, and the Galaxy S5 was launched last month alongside a suite of health-monitoring apps.

Reports published earlier in the year suggested that Apple was planning an app codenamed Healthbook timed to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 6.

“The software will be capable of monitoring and storing fitness statistics such as steps taken, calories burned, and miles walked,” 9to5Mac.com reported. “Furthermore, the app will have the ability to manage and track weight loss.”

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