How secure are smartphone fingerprint readers?

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Feb, AT 11:49

NatWest and RBS customers with Apple iPhones can now use fingerprints to access bank accounts

Darpa builds 'Google Glass' that plugs straight into your brain

One-Minute Read Tue 17 Feb, AT 13:10

New device could help restore sight to the blind and replace all current virtual reality technology

The Week's top tech stories, 13 February

A need-to-know round-up of the essential tech stories that broke this week

Tesco Hudl 2 review: Tesco's family-friendly affordable tablet

Briefing Fri 13 Feb, AT 13:11

Tesco's budget Hudl 2 tablet goes on sale tomorrow for £129. Is the new device any good?

What happens to your Facebook profile when you die?

One-Minute Read Fri 13 Feb, AT 11:17

Social network rolls out 'legacy contacts' to allow people to pass on their Facebook page after they die

Sony Xperia Z3

Best smartphones: top five mobile phones on the market

Summary Thu 12 Feb, AT 13:35

From the Apple iPhone 6 to Sony's Xperia Z3, tech critics heap praise on market's top smartphones

Driveless car in London

Driverless cars get UK green light, but would you trust them?

Briefing Wed 11 Feb, AT 13:56

Driverless cars will soon be on British roads, raising a number of technical, legal and safety questions

#OpISIS: Anonymous shuts down Islamic State on social media

One-Minute Read Tue 10 Feb, AT 13:15

'We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us,' hackers warn Islamic State militants in latest video

Korean housewife 'attacked' by robot vacuum cleaner

One-Minute Read Mon 9 Feb, AT 15:50

Paramedics called to rescue woman whose hair was eaten by household gadget as she slept

Samsung Smart TV television

'Orwellian' Samsung TV captures and transmits private conversations

One-Minute Read Mon 9 Feb, AT 14:11

Samsung has rejected concerns from privacy campaigners, saying users are free to 'opt out' of the service