The Week's top tech stories, 5 December

A need-to-know round-up of the essential tech stories that broke this week

Apple deleted rivals' songs from iPods, court told

One-Minute Read Fri 5 Dec, AT 10:41

Jurors will hear taped testimony from Steve Jobs amid claims that Apple deleted non-iTunes tracks

Columnist Edie Lush

Share or be square: Las Vegas has all the answers

Thu 4 Dec, AT 08:20 Edie Lush

Housing, local transport, even air travel – Las Vegas is the capital of the growing 'sharing economy'

PlayStation turns 20: how Sony became a video game giant

Briefing Wed 3 Dec, AT 07:49

Ten milestones in PlayStation’s history that took Sony from rank outsider to gaming kingpin

I, Robot

Stephen Hawking: artificial intelligence could destroy human race

One-Minute Read Tue 2 Dec, AT 15:44

Humans 'will not be able to compete' with self-improving robots, says Stephen Hawking

Double Helix

23andMe: why have DNA kits been approved in the UK?

Briefing Tue 2 Dec, AT 14:09

DNA screening devices that profile health risks are banned in the US – but now legal in the UK

The Week's top tech stories, 28 November

A need-to-know round-up of the essential tech stories that broke this week

ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Willy Wonka style elevator invented by German company

One-Minute Read Fri 28 Nov, AT 12:47

The cable-free elevator can move horizontally as well as vertically – but doesn't fly into space

Reflection of the Facebook logo

Facebook can video you without your knowledge, MPs warn

One-Minute Read Fri 28 Nov, AT 11:00

MPs criticise 'legalese' terms and conditions and say social media companies should reform how they collect and use data

Google settles online abuse case out of court

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Nov, AT 11:32

Businessman Daniel Hegglin settles with Google over untrue posts labelling him a murderer and a paedophile