Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch attracts lacklustre reviews

First Reaction Mon 24 Feb, AT 15:03

Reviewers unmoved by new design, features and operating system for Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch

MWC: will the $25 Mozilla smartphone catch on?

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Feb, AT 12:49

Ultra-cheap Mozilla handset could 'dramatically extend global reach' of smartphones

Oh Glassholes, what have you done? Google is not pleased

Mon 24 Feb, AT 11:35 The Conversation

It seems pioneer Glassers are running into etiquette problems, writes sociologist Tim Dant

New Google technology

Project Tango: Google unveils 3D-smartphone - video

One-Minute Read Fri 21 Feb, AT 13:59

New Google motion-tracking device codenamed Project Tango could help blind people navigate

WhatsApp: is Facebook's acquisition worth $19bn?

Briefing Thu 20 Feb, AT 10:07

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the WhatsApp messaging service is 'incredibly valuable'

Twitter 'lie-detector' will combat false internet rumours

One-Minute Read Wed 19 Feb, AT 12:39

Creators say system could have prevented lies spreading during riots and sex abuse scandals

Nike to release self-lacing trainers in 2015

One-Minute Read Tue 18 Feb, AT 11:11

Designer teases Back to the Future fans with hint of Marty McFly's self-lacing trainers

Bitcoin: have hackers doomed virtual currency?

First Reaction Thu 13 Feb, AT 15:49

Bitcoin's value dropped sharply after hackers blocked access to online wallets

Apple Inc

Apple to name and shame its own 'conflict mineral' suppliers

One-Minute Read Thu 13 Feb, AT 12:53

Tech industry under pressure to stop using minerals supplied by violent militias in Africa

A world without banks: why Barclays and co should be afraid

Tue 11 Feb, AT 10:15 Edie Lush

Tech companies are trusted more than banks – so why shouldn’t Apple or Google manage your digital wallet?