Apple Inc

Apple to name and shame its own 'conflict mineral' suppliers

One-Minute Read Thu 13 Feb, AT 12:53

Tech industry under pressure to stop using minerals supplied by violent militias in Africa

A world without banks: why Barclays and co should be afraid

Tue 11 Feb, AT 10:15 Edie Lush

Tech companies are trusted more than banks – so why shouldn’t Apple or Google manage your digital wallet?

Flappy Bird game app goes the way of the dodo

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Feb, AT 12:58

Addictive game disappears from app stores as developer says: 'I can't take this anymore'

Facebook to change policy after father's emotional plea

One-Minute Read Fri 7 Feb, AT 13:14

John Berlin's video pleading to see his dead son's Look Back video has received 1.8 million views

Nek-no-minate: binge drinking craze spawns offshoots - video

Video Thu 6 Feb, AT 13:18

From horse-riding in Tesco to charity in South Africa: internet challenges Neknominate

Twitter shares plunge after $1bn loss and fall in growth

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Feb, AT 09:47

Share prices plummets after amid fears the San Francisco-based social media site's popularity is waning

Satya Nadella: why Microsoft chose an engineer, not a suit

Wed 5 Feb, AT 09:15 The Conversation

Opting for scientists and engineers is a growing trend in the world of tech, says David Henderson

Facebook: How will it fare in the next ten years?

First Reaction Tue 4 Feb, AT 15:21

As Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday, questions are being asked: will it continue to soar – or fall by the wayside?

Bitcoin arrests: beginning of the end for virtual currency?

Talking Point Tue 28 Jan, AT 14:14

Two US Bitcoin exchange operators charged in connection with Silk Road money laundering