Google contact

Google contact lens: is this the future for diabetes sufferers?

One-Minute Read Fri 17 Jan, AT 15:11

Prototype for smart contact lens could lead to a new way for diabetics to manage their disease

Cecelia Abadie wins her case

Google Glass driver not guilty of traffic offence

One-Minute Read Fri 17 Jan, AT 10:47

Case against Cecilia Abadie dropped as no evidence her device was operating

Cyber insurance: more firms seek protection from hackers

One-Minute Read Thu 16 Jan, AT 11:44

'Significant growth' in cyber insurance sales amid rising security breaches such as attack on Target

'Sick' plastic surgery app for children pulled

One-Minute Read Wed 15 Jan, AT 11:52

Campaigners force Apple to remove 'shameless' app targeted at nine-year-olds

Google aquires Nest

Google buys Nest: is 'smart thermostat' a threat to privacy?

First Reaction Tue 14 Jan, AT 11:25

Google could use Nest data to gain an even more complete picture of your movements, say experts


Texting in decline: time to say 'C u l8r' to humble SMS?

First Reaction Mon 13 Jan, AT 11:49

Number of texts sent in UK fell for first time last year, but experts say it's too early for obituary

CES 2014: The ten coolest gadgets on display in Las Vegas

Briefing Thu 9 Jan, AT 11:17

From a Chinese mini-drone to a 3D printer that makes pastries, these products are storming the desert

Mein Kampf success down to 'Fifty Shades phenomenon'

One-Minute Read Wed 8 Jan, AT 15:37

Why is Adolf Hitler's infamous manifesto topping ebook charts 90 years after it was written?

Cicada 3301: unravelling the mystery of web's greatest puzzle

Briefing Tue 7 Jan, AT 15:01

The game that may or may not be a recruiting aid for the CIA has kept the world guessing for two years

Michael Bay red-faced after Samsung CES walkout - video

Video Tue 7 Jan, AT 09:56

More woe for Samsung as director leaves stage after fluffing his lines at curved TV press event