Amazon Fire smartphone

Mobile news: readers on the rise but where's the revenue?

Thu 10 Jul, AT 09:40 Holden Frith

It's a story of missing clicks as social networking changes how we access news on the run


3DTouch 'smart thimble' could replace mouse – video

One-Minute Read Wed 9 Jul, AT 14:39

Finger-mounted 3DTouch device uses accelerometer and gyroscope to control computer

A Twitter post in response to Brazil's humiliation

Germany batter Brazil: funniest jokes, tweets and videos

Summary Wed 9 Jul, AT 09:40

A round-up of the best jokes as Germany v Brazil became the most tweeted game in history

Customers at a Samsung store in Seoul

Samsung's falling profits: a smartphone tipping point?

First Reaction Tue 8 Jul, AT 11:04

Analysts say Samsung's weak profit forecasts indicate a decline in demand for smartphones

Iron Man armour

Iron Man designers to build body armour for US army

One-Minute Read Mon 7 Jul, AT 10:31

Hollywood special effect team is working on a new Iron Man 'agile exoskeleton' for US soldiers

Reflection of the Facebook logo

Was Facebook's 'creepy' study funded by the US military?

One-Minute Read Thu 3 Jul, AT 14:16

Confusion over military involvement, but the American military is already studying you

Google Cardboard: tech giant staffers think outside the box

Tue 1 Jul, AT 09:55 Edie Lush

Blurring the distinction between the real and virtual worlds: Google takes another step down the road

Nasa's LDSD flying saucer

Nasa tests 'flying saucer' spaceship for future Mars missions

One-Minute Read Mon 30 Jun, AT 13:03

UFO-shaped spacecraft could be critical for future manned mission to the red planet

Heat map depicting cyber-warfare as it happens

Live map shows cyber-war in real time

One-Minute Read Fri 27 Jun, AT 14:49

Cyber-intelligence firm builds heatmap to show online attacks around the world as they happen