One in five Brits couldn’t live without their iPhone

News Fri 22 Jul, AT 14:52

New survey about UK’s most desired gadgets shows Apple mobile way ahead of Blackberry

Steve Jobs

Is Apple board split over Steve Jobs succession?

News Wed 20 Jul, AT 17:08

Apple founder dismisses claims that board members have spoken to recruiters and other CEOs

Sun hacked

Lulzsec hack the Sun and claim to have their emails

News Tue 19 Jul, AT 11:09

Sun readers were redirected to a spoof news story claiming media mogul Rupert Murdoch had died

Rebekah Brooks Harry Potter

Rebekah who? Twitter just cares about Harry Potter

News Fri 15 Jul, AT 13:37

Boy wizard causes more of a stir than the demise of Rebekah Brooks on the internet


Pedobear iPhone app vanishes from Apple store

News Wed 13 Jul, AT 16:17

The character, renamed Cuddle Bear, promised to teach 11 ‘exotic’ hip-hop dance moves


Google+ might have topped 10m users in just 10 days

News Wed 13 Jul, AT 13:48

It’s still a long way behind Facebook, but researcher says a million a day may have joined new Google network

HTC Flyer tablet

Patents war continues as Apple sues HTC again

Tue 12 Jul, AT 16:08 Venetia Rainey

Technology giant seeks to protect market share by challenging HTC over mobile and tablet devices

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook hurts Google+ with Skype video chat

News Thu 7 Jul, AT 15:42

Facebook’s new feature takes wind out of rival’s sails as Mark Zuckerberg flexes his muscles

Susan Moss

US media in apoplexy as Casey Anthony acquitted

News Wed 6 Jul, AT 16:22

Susan Moss leads pundits horrified by ‘not guilty’ verdict for woman accused of killing her daughter

Brian Sewell

Sewell attacks Corrie over ‘well-washed’ gays

News Wed 6 Jul, AT 14:28

The once-gritty soap now depicts Manchester as the ‘Sodom of the North’ says London art critic