'Robocopter' gives aerial view of Polish riots

Video Wed 16 Nov, AT 13:54

Independence Day riots filmed by remote control helicopter (with video)

Apple replaces Steve Jobs with Arthur Levinson

Profile Wed 16 Nov, AT 12:33

New chairman was once on the boards of deadly rivals Apple and Google at the same time

Has 'Mars curse' hit a 19th Russian space probe?

One-Minute Read Wed 9 Nov, AT 15:39

Phobos-Grunt spacecraft is languishing in Earth Orbit – scientists have three days to fix it

CIA admits to monitoring Twitter and Facebook

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Nov, AT 16:03

Agency's 'vengeful librarians' pore over posts to get a 'real-time peek' at global hotspots

Astronauts return to earth after 17-month 'trip to Mars'

First Post Fri 4 Nov, AT 14:45

Mars500 experiment was designed to see if man could cope with long-range space travel

Apple security boss leaves after iPhone prototype cock-up

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Nov, AT 13:41

John Theriault, thought to have headed up 'Apple Gestapo', leaves under a cloud

Vikings used crystal 'sunstones' to navigate the oceans

One-Minute Read Wed 2 Nov, AT 14:12

Navigators could pinpoint the sun in heavy cloud Using Iceland spar crystals, say researchers

Liverpool police 'spy-bot' drowns in River Mersey

One-Minute Read Mon 31 Oct, AT 16:05

After training exercise goes awry, police decide not to replace £13,000 drone

Samsung smashes Apple in battle of the smartphones

One-Minute Read Fri 28 Oct, AT 15:27

Figures for the third quarter show Samsung shooting ahead of their arch rivals

BlackBerry users launch class lawsuits over service failure

One-Minute Read Thu 27 Oct, AT 17:40

Customers in the US and Canada want compensation for outages earlier this month