John Cusack in the film 2012

Close Encounters of the absurd Hollywood kind

News Tue 4 Jan, AT 07:24

John Cusack movie 2012 tops Nasa’s league of least authentic scif-fi movies

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Tax us and we’ll quit UK, says ‘Call of Duty’ boss

News Tue 4 Jan, AT 07:24

Chancellor’s video games tax change gets Activision Blizzard boss fuming

Robin Li of Baidu and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in China

Zuckerberg in China: what is Facebook planning?

News Tue 21 Dec, AT 12:46

Zuckerberg meets Baidu boss Robin Li: was it just two nerds comparing notes, or the start of something huge?


Senior judge approves use of Twitter in court

News Mon 20 Dec, AT 15:51

Interim guidance says tweeting is OK as long as it does not interfere with justice


Anti-porn plan threatens sites like WikiLeaks

News Mon 20 Dec, AT 12:47

Free speech campaigners fear Ed Vaizey’s plan to block porn will lead to online censorship

Word Lens translation app causes a sensation

News Fri 17 Dec, AT 15:41

Video: Point your iPhone camera at a Spanish menu – and get an instant translation into English...

Video: Florida firm develops real-life Tron ‘lightcycle’

Video Thu 16 Dec, AT 15:37

Video: True-to-the-film recreations are road-legal and will cost $55,000

Coming soon: Hands-on sex game for Xbox Kinect

News Thu 16 Dec, AT 15:08

Video: Open source developers create sexy new world for the XXXBox

Computer hacker

Anonymous ‘hacktivists’ promise ‘war for data’

News Thu 9 Dec, AT 13:54

Operation Payback attacks firms that have blacklisted WikiLeaks in fight for internet freedom

Facebook new profile launch

Facebook unveils picture-centric profile page

News Mon 6 Dec, AT 20:42

But Mark Zuckerberg offers the same old answers to questions about The Social Network