Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch launches iPad newspaper The Daily

News Wed 2 Feb, AT 16:32

The digital News Corp venture is designed for the iPad but has a traditional print feel


Google accuses rival of copying after ‘Bing sting’

News Wed 2 Feb, AT 15:34

Bing results look like a 'stale version of Google results', claims search giant

Google launches virtual gallery tour art project

News Tue 1 Feb, AT 15:06

Street View technology put to use recording the world's most famous art collections

sony ngp

Sony NGP or PSP2 could hurt Nintendo

News Thu 27 Jan, AT 16:30

All-new PSP2 console is hailed by gamers as Sony plans to bring Playstation games to Android phones


Facebook app brings privacy to social media

News Wed 26 Jan, AT 16:21

If Facebook won’t protect your privacy then developers are coming up with ways to let you do it yourself


Facebook-branded mobile phones ‘due from HTC’

News Wed 26 Jan, AT 11:26

Handsets featuring friends’ status updates and messages could be unveiled soon

Writer sitting at laptop

Chaos as lawyer abandons online piracy cases

News Wed 26 Jan, AT 10:37

Suspicious judge ‘mind- boggled’ by development in filesharing court case

Lethal injection death chamber

Another US execution to go ahead with British drugs

News Mon 24 Jan, AT 12:36

Appeals for UK exporter of sodium thiopental to help efforts to obtain stay of execution fall on deaf ears


Twitter and Facebook are driving us mad, says prof

Mon 24 Jan, AT 07:23 Charles Laurence

We've invented inspiring new technologies and allowed them to diminish us, says Prof Sherry Turkle

Larry Page

Larry Page takes back Google CEO job

News Fri 21 Jan, AT 09:23

Business digest: Eric Schmidt says Page is ‘ready to lead’