Solar Impulse II plane

Video: solar plane makes successful maiden flight

One-Minute Read Mon 2 Jun, AT 12:00

Solar Impulse II takes a step towards becoming the first solar plane to circumnavigate the globe

Beats headphones

Why is Apple paying $3bn for Beats Electronics?

First Reaction Thu 29 May, AT 12:27

Some analysts are 'baffled' by Apple's purchase, but others say it may be their shrewdest move yet

Twitter page

Twitter: hundreds of children investigated over online abuse

One-Minute Read Thu 29 May, AT 10:26

Policing the internet becomes 'daily task' for UK's forces, with 20,000 adult cases in three years

A 3D printed prosthetic arm

Suspended animation, truth serum and immortality – the future is closer than you think

Briefing Wed 28 May, AT 15:44

Reality is catching up with some of the most outrageous sci-fi technologies ever imagined

Google's self-driving car

Driverless Google car will have no steering wheel

One-Minute Read Wed 28 May, AT 09:06

New Google car has no steering wheel, no pedals and will drive completely autonomously

eBay hack 'one of the biggest data breaches in history'

One-Minute Read Thu 22 May, AT 10:45

Fears of widespread identity theft mount after 'catastrophic' eBay cyber-attack

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with detachable keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 targets iPad and MacBook - reviews

Briefing Wed 21 May, AT 15:56

Third time's 'almost a charm' say reviewers of the new Surface Pro 3 tablet

John Harrison's chronometer which won the original Longitude Prize in 1714

£10m Longitude Prize: will it solve world's greatest challenges?

Analysis Wed 21 May, AT 12:02

New Longitude Prize aims to beat dementia, paralysis, climate change or global food shortages

A young boy talks on his mobile phone

Do mobile phones pose risk to children's brains?

One-Minute Read Tue 20 May, AT 13:13

Researchers aim to establish whether mobile phones affect children's mental development