Singing Japanese robot unveiled in Hong Kong

Apr 11, 2012

A 'pretty' female robot regales an audience of technology buffs with a ballad


A VIDEO of a female robot singing a Japanese song called True True has elicited mixed responses since being released on YouTube.

The singing android Geminoid F is the creation of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro who showcased his handiwork alongside inventors from Asia and Denmark at The Robots in Motion exhibition at Cityplaza in Hong Kong.

Visitors to the exhibition were treated to the fembot's singing debut as Geminoid F- described as "pretty" by organisers - perched on a giant flower.

"These humanoids and androids can talk, sing, kick football, race against each other and even interact with you," the exhibition site reads.

Robots in Motion, which began last month and runs until Sunday, claims it is the first ever exhibition of "sophisticated robots".

Beneath the singing clip, one YouTube viewer spoke for many when they remarked that the performance was "a bit spooky".

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