Germany batter Brazil: funniest jokes, tweets and videos

Jul 9, 2014

A round-up of the best jokes as Germany v Brazil became the most tweeted game in history


Germany's demolition of hosts Brazil in their World Cup semi-final match has become the most tweeted single game of sport of all time.

With 35.6 million tweets, the game eclipsed Superbowl 48's previous record of 24.9 million tweets, and also set a new tweet-rate record, with a peak of 580,166 tweets per minute when Sami Khedira scored Germany's fifth goal.

Brazil now also appears set to become the most mocked sporting team in history as social media's wittiest wags hailed Germany for bringing us not only a feast of fine football but also a generous side dish of schadenfreude.

Here are some of the funniest tweets, vines and memes for those who enjoy the misery of others.


 Brazil were completely Müllered


Level playing field

The jokes escalated quickly.


Even graphic designers got into the spirit of ridicule.

True blues

Why the Blues may have the blues next season.

Trash talk

LeBron dunks on Brazil.

Jesus wept

Lord help Brazil.

Angela the Redeemer

When only bad photoshopping will do.

A spot of Burgundy

60 per cent of the time, Germany scored every time.

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