Priscilla Presley makes wicked panto debut in Snow White

Dec 18, 2012

Presley's glamorous Wicked Queen and Gangnam Style dwarfs make panto magic

Simon Annand

What you need to know
A pantomime of the classic fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs starring Priscilla Presley has opened at the New Wimbledon Theatre. The production is written by Coronation Street actor Eric Potts and directed by Ian Talbot.

Elvis's widow Priscilla, best-known for co-starring with Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun series and for her role as Jenna Wade in Dallas, makes her London stage debut as the Wicked Queen.

The pantomime also features Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis as dwarf leader Prof, and comedian Jarred Christmas as Henchman. Runs until 13 January.

What the critics like
The whole panto is a winner, says Charles Spencer in the Daily Telegraph. Presley performs with fizzing confidence, "whipping up the audience into a storm of boos with gleeful malevolence" and Warwick Davis is "delightful" as the leader of the dwarfs. "A hugely enjoyable show."

Presley has "a real sense of fun" in her panto debut, says Henry Hitchings in the Evening Standard. She savours the opportunity "to be playfully wicked" and even performs a song by her late husband Elvis.

Wimbledon does robust panto with glitter, huge costumes, jets of flame and cheesy pop, says Libby Purves in The Times. Presley is game and glamorous, but the dwarfs are the towering stars. Davis "steals the show" with his Segway and Gangnam Style number.

What they don't like
This formulaic show is "perky, plastic, inoffensive, brightly coloured", says Lyn Gardner in The Guardian. "If it doesn't lodge in the brain, at least – unlike the Wicked Queen's apple – it won't stick in the throat."

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