Argentine circus extravaganza Fuerzabruta returns to London

Jan 7, 2013

High-energy global hit comes back to London's Roundhouse and wows critics all over again

What you need to know
The Argentinian immersive circus show Fuerzabruta - meaning "brute force" - first relaunched the Roundhouse in 2006. The updated production combines aerial acrobatics dance and music and blurs the boundaries between circus, theatre and nightclub.

Fuerzabruta's founders worked with the legendary Argentine troupe De La Guarda. The show has played to more than a million people around the world.

The 75-minute theatrical experience requires audiences to stand up, and contains scenes of nudity and violence with strobe lighting and loud music. It is not recommended for young children. Runs until 26 January.

What the critics like
Call it physical theatre, call it alternative circus, call it a rave, but don’t call it dull, says Dominic Maxwell in The Times. The sexy cast’s "impassioned physicality is infectious" and Fuerzabruta’s use of smoke, lights, wind, water, and loudness "keeps us in its thrall".

The Fuerzabruta extravaganza doesn’t take no for an answer, says Dominic Cavendish in the Daily Telegraph. It radiates "an atmosphere of wild euphoria and erotic liberation" combined with hazardous, gravity-defying stunts.

This dizzying show can "still take one’s breath away", says Bruce Dessau in the Evening Standard. A succession of highly inventive set-pieces maintains the momentum and even those who think they’ve seen it all before will leave "feeling exhilarated all over again".

What they don’t like
It’s breathtaking but it’s also frustrating, says Clare Brennan in The Guardian. Despite the faultless physical energy and technical wizardry it feels artistically incomplete – this is "sensation without communication".

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