ROH dance-drama The Wind in the Willows - reviews

Wind In The Willows

Revival of Royal Opera House's staging of children's classic an "utterly charming" Christmas treat

LAST UPDATED AT 07:35 ON Mon 23 Dec 2013
What you need to know

The Royal Opera House's production of The Wind in the Willows has transferred to the Duchess Theatre, West End with "its tweedy charms intact" say critics. Director and choreographer Will Tuckett's retelling of Kenneth Grahame's children's classic through dance, song, music and puppetry was first staged in 2002.

The show revisits the escapades of the reckless, car-loving Toad and his long-suffering woodland friends Ratty, Mole and Badger. The production features a score by Martin Ward, text by Andrew Motion, and Tony Robinson as narrator-author Kenneth Grahame. Runs until 1 February.

What the critics like

This welcome Christmas treat is "amusing but also heart-touching" and tremendous fun, says Clement Crisp in the Financial Times. Will Tuckett's dance-drama is an entertainment for almost all ages with great ingenuity, real charm, and not a dull moment.

This utterly charming show "feels fresh, fun and full of delight", says Lyndsey Winship in the Evening Standard. Everything is geared towards character, colour and lively storytelling, and while it's recommended for ages five and up, it's a definite treat for accompanying adults too.

This "cosily hand-knitted" production transfers to the West End with its tweedy charms intact, says Zoe Anderson in The Independent. There's a hilariously dashing Ratty, a touchingly innocent Mole and an exuberant Toad.

What they don't like

"The show would really benefit from less aimless skipping and more defined dance," says Rachel Ward in the Daily Telegraph. It's more an ensemble of music, song, puppetry and dance than an actual ballet, but it's nevertheless an energetic, enjoyable and atmospheric production. · 

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