Windowless jet designed to look transparent from inside

Aug 12, 2014

Design company creates the 'ultimate window seat' for all passengers using high-res displays

Technicon Design

A Paris-based design team has created an innovative concept for a private jet that gives passengers the impression that the aircraft in which they're flying has entirely transparent walls.

High-resolution cameras mounted on the jet's fuselage and wings capture real-time video footage of the world outside and beam it onto flexible display panels on the cabin walls and ceiling.

"Every seat on this private jet is the ultimate window seat, but there's just one catch – there are no windows," says the Daily Mail.

Instead, passengers can see the panoramic view from outside streamed onto the walls. Alternatively the displays could be used for in-flight video conferencing or for other pre-programmed images, such as these space or mountain scenes, or even to mimic a more traditional aircraft interior.

Gareth Davies, design director at the Technicon Design's Paris studio, said: "The brief of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different but not just a fantasy. It has to be credible and relevant, yet provoke discussion."

A jet without windows also allows for a "svelte and elegant" exterior, says Davies.

The IXION windowless jet was designed for a National Business Aviation Association show last year and earned the team an award at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards in May.

Omar Kardoudi at Gizmodo says it "might look like an impossible sci-fi concept" but he believes we are "not very far" from seeing something similar in real life. "Perhaps flying inside a giant semi-cylindrical display would get tiring at one point," he adds, "but I would like to see it built and try it."

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