The Bridge final episode has online forums buzzing

May 18, 2012
Annemarie Lopez

The latest Scando crime thriller to keep UK viewers gripped concludes this weekend

THE BRIDGE, the latest gripping Scando-crime series to screen on UK TV reaches its conclusion this weekend, and online forums are buzzing with anticipation and speculation as to whodunnit.

Following a red-herring strewn trail blazed by Nordic Noir series The Killing and Wallander, The Bridge revolves around the unlikely premise of a corpse found on a bridge, slap bang on the border between Denmark and Sweden. The murder prompts an international police investigation headed by an attractive, if borderline autistic Swede, Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) and a more relaxed Dane, Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) with domestic problems.    

The mind-boggling crime by a psychopath hell-bent on revenge and the slow-burn tension between Saga and Martin have kept viewers glued to this series for the past five weeks. The Daily Telegraph's Benjamin Secher describes it as "more than a detective story... a complex tale of two cultures". The Guardian's Sam Wollaston calls it "gripping, involving, haunting, beautiful".

After eight episodes following the tribulations of Martin's reproductive organs, Saga's one-night stands, and a killer's self-righteous outrages against homeless people, teenage girls and children, viewers will finally discover who the culprit is in the double-episode conclusion on BBC 4 on Saturday night.  

Some viewers have already taken to Twitter with their thoughts. Journalist Kathryn Flett claims she's solved the crime (no spoiler): "Just caught up with last night's second ep of #thebridge. Have worked out plot and know how it has to unfold. But still great."

Others are still bemused. Sophie Ward tweets: "So, everything seems clear on #TheBridge... except the wig." And some may have trouble breathing. Radio Times TV critic Alison Graham tweets: "Stop all the clocks tomorrow night from 9pm: The Bridge finale will leave you breathless."

Some speculations stray to the absurd. The Guardian's James Donaghy writes that the killer's MO "resembles Penguin from Batman", but he also reminds us that, as Saga says, "We must remain objective." Television blogger Hillary Wardle even risks the ire of viewers by listing who her top five suspects are on TVJam.  

But it's not over, even once the culprit is uncovered and the final credits role. Alison Graham has announced a post-Bridge online discussion support group. And if that's not enough, a second series of The Bridge is slated for production this October - to be broadcast in late 2013.

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what happened to the kidnap victim who was shot in the last episode?

"..the final credits role"
oh come on!
great series tho