HBO to delete Game of Thrones Bush head on spike scene

Jun 15, 2012

Scene showing George W. Bush's severed head sparks outrage from Republicans

AMERICAN TV network HBO has been forced to apologise after its popular fantasy series Game of Thrones included in an episode a scene depicting a model of George W. Bush's head impaled on a spike.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the head, which bears a striking resemblance to the former president of the United States, was used in an episode which was first shown last year.

In the DVD commentary, one of the writers admits that the Republican's likeness "appears in a couple of beheading scenes", but says it wasn't a political statement. He says the makers  "just had to use whatever head we had around".

The disembodied presidential dome, complete with lank, straggly hair, appears only for a second in a scene where child king Joffrey shows Sansa Stark a line of heads on spikes.

The New York Daily News reports that the scene went unnoticed until a Reddit user pointed it out, triggering a wave of condemnation.

After the likeness was pointed out online, the show's creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss issued a statement apologising for any offence caused.

The head of the Brooklyn Republican Party, Craig Eaton, called the gruesome cameo "disgraceful" and said he would feel the same way if it was President Obama's head. Eaton, who has not seen the show, told the Daily Mail that no matter our political persuasion "we still have to respect the office of the presidency and all of those who hold that presidency".

"They didn't intend it to be political, but now that it is, they should remove it," Eaton added.

As outrage mounted in political and social media forums, HBO stepped in to limit the damage. A spokesman for HBO, said that the scene would be deleted from future DVD releases.

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