Homeland Season 2: Carrie's back, as frazzled as ever

Jul 13, 2012

SPOILER ALERT: New plot points revealed as trailer is aired at San Diego comic convention

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SHOWTIME has released a trailer for the second season of its hit series Homeland at the Comic-Con fan convention in San Diego. The short promo for the gripping thriller, shown late yesterday in the US, has whetted the appetite of its legions of fans and got social media sites buzzing.
The last series left off with CIA agent Carrie (Claire Danes) about to undergo shock therapy, which would erase her incriminating memory that Brody (Damian Lewis), who is about to work as an adviser to the vice president, is a mole for terrorist Abu Nazir.
So what happens next? Those who dislike the mere hint of a spoiler should look away now.

New York magazine reveals some of the key plot points. The first two episodes are set in Beirut, although the show was actually shot on location in Israel. Trouble is, naturally, stirring in the region.

Back in the US, after her electroshock treatment, Carrie is recuperating in the care of her sister and father. Part of her healing involves working as a teacher.

Meanwhile, Saul is desperately trying to get in contact with Carrie to let her know the CIA needs her. Despite her family's warnings, Carrie decides to return to the terrorist-hunting fray. She goes undercover, and in disguise, changing her hair colour to brown.
Despite warnings from CIA command to "keep her on a short leash", Carrie - surprise, surprise - breaks protocol. She is still confused about Brody who, now working for the Veep, has his own copy of the Koran. It all looks set to be as tense as ever.

Some fans have been wondering whether Claire Danes's real-life pregnancy will affect her TV role as Carrie. According to New York magazine, executive producer Howard Gordon says her character will remain "un-pregnant".

Many fans were gripped by the trailer, one tweeting: "Season 2 trailer is so excellent. So very excellent."

Season 2 of Homeland will air in Britain on Channel 4, starting in September.

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