Claire Danes welcomes new baby into her Homeland

Dec 20, 2012
Richard A Jinman

Fresh from the tabloids: Homeland's Carrie gives first child an oddly normal name

CLAIRE DANES, the actress who plays the stressed-out, messed-up CIA agent Carrie Matheson in the award-winning TV drama Homeland, has given birth to her first child, a boy.

How Danes found the time to reproduce given her hectic schedule of sprinting through empty warehouses, being kidnapped, tortured and sideswiped by transit vans, is anyone's guess.

But the 33-year-old actor and her husband, British thespian Hugh Dancy, are said to be delighted with the baby whose full name is Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy. It is a "surprisingly normal name" for a celebrity baby, as the entertainment website Mrs Carter points out.

Danes has been "visibly pregnant" during the later episodes of the Homeland Series Two which climaxes on Channel 4 on Sunday night. But producers have used "every trick in the book" to disguise the fact that Carrie is packing more than a Glock and a CIA manual.
Co-star Damian Lewis, who plays US Marine-turned-terrorist-turned-CIA-operative Nicholas Brody, told Hello! Magazine a "belly-double" had been recruited to stand in for Danes in scenes when her baby bump was too visible. "She's [the belly double] called Meredith and I've got to know her quite well..." said Lewis.

Danes's ability to portray emotional distress – a facial technique she uses with such devastating regularity it has spawned a tribute website called The Claire Danes Cry Face Project – is legendary. One assumes the arrival of Cyrus provoked happier emotions.

The birth of Cyrus caps off what has been an "amazing month" for Danes, says The Sun. Last week she picked up nominations for a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe for her work in Homeland.

Danes told The Sun she and her husband were looking forward to "getting to know our new Dancy" over the Christmas break.

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*Cyrus* is a surprisingly normal name?