John Simm forced to backtrack after Doctor Who comments

Actor denies saying he hates attention he received for playing the Master in cult sci-fi show

LAST UPDATED AT 15:03 ON Wed 29 May 2013

ACTOR John Simm earned himself a place in Doctor Who folklore by playing the Time Lord's arch-enemy, the Master, but now he appears to have found himself facing an even more formidible foe - an army of Whovians, fans of the Doctor, who are up in arms over an interview with the Radio Times in which Simm appeared to insult them.
In the interview, Simm is quoted as saying he is fed up with all the attention the role has earned him.
"I do get a lot of Doctor Who," he allegedly told the Radio Times. "God almighty, I'll be so happy when that's gone from my life. They're lovely, I'm sure, but I won't miss it.
"It's great to be into something, but for goodness' sake, really? I'm not The Master, I'm not that evil Time Lord who rules the galaxy, I'm just in Tesco with my kids. Leave me alone!"
The quotes did not go down well the Doctor's legion of fans and Simm yesterday took to Twitter to try to defuse the row.
"The Radio Times has really done a number on me re Dr Who 'quote'. Thanks for that! Suffice to say it was taken out of context AGAIN," he said. "I haven't done an interview for them for many years, because of this. Nasty, spiteful, trouble causing 'journalism'. I meant no disrespect."
However, Sky News claimed that the comments were recorded on tape and quoted the Radio Times as saying the interview was conducted a year ago in South Africa while Simm was filming the latest series of the comedy thriller, Mad Dogs.
The Guardian notes that Simm appears to have fallen into a trap that has snared plenty of other actors to star in cult shows. "Surely John Simm understands the risks involved in speaking out against sci-fi fans," writes Stuart Heritage. "They're not like normal fans."
Heritage recalls how William Shatner, Captain Kirk from Star Trek, had to "back-pedal wildly to save face" after telling Trekkies to "get a life". Leonard Nimoy had a similar problem, says Heritage. After writing a book called I Am Not Spock he penned another called I Am Spock.
Maybe one day, writes Heritage, Simm will "realise what a privilege it was to have such devoted fans". · 

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Get a life. He did a great job, I loved it. Stop trying to own him because of it.

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