Strictly star Susanna Reid branded a 'charmless tugboat'

'Head girl' BBC newsreader lost out to Abbey Clancy in Saturday’s final, and now the knives are out

LAST UPDATED AT 15:08 ON Mon 23 Dec 2013

AS THE dust settles on another series of Strictly Come Dancing, won by model Abbey Clancy on Saturday, it is the losing finallist Susanna Reid who remains remains centre stage - a position she has occupied throughout the series.
The BBC newsreader divided opinion but had been tipped to win the ultimate prize - even though she seemed the weakest of the dancers in a final four that also included actress Natalie Gumede and pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
But now that the show is over for another year, the knives have been drawn.
Fiona Fullerton, who was eliminated from the show earlier in the series, took aim in her Daily Telegraph column. She lavished praise on the other finalists and called Clancy the "most gorgeous, deserving winner of Strictly ever".
Reid, however, "approached this competition with a PR campaign driven with military precision", sniffed the former Bond-girl. "There was definitely an Obama-style use of social media and a lack of charm that left most of us bewildered. Every time she entered Tess's room there were uncomfortable mutterings. It seemed she'd convinced the media she was the outright winner."
Her prim-and-proper image annoyed others, including Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir. She wonders who Reid was actually popular with, acknowledging that she was "the most adroit at turning on the head girl charm".
In other areas she was less successful, adds Moir. "On the dance floor Susanna always had something of the tugboat about her," she declares.
Twisting the knife, the Mail also notes that Reid "failed to raise a smile" as she left the studios after the final.
There was even the obligatory Twitter spat before the final, reports The Times, when Tory MEP candidate Deborah Dunleavy tweeted: "Does anyone else just want to slap Susanna Reid?" She subsequently apologised and took down her Twitter account.
However, the Times TV critic Andrew Billen says Reid appeared relieved she did not win, noting that it would be impossible to "overstate the crisis" that her victory would have precipitated. "No one who took the contest seriously thought Reid should win, and that included Reid,” he wrote. “She looked relieved when she lost." · 

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Susanna Reid a tugboat?

Plenty of blokes would like to give her a tow!

Put those Susanna knives away fergawdsake: much of it is sour grapes since she's a household name on telly and is seen as 'serious' totty. She is a much liked and admired national treasure and this predictable fuss and froth is the inevitable ruffled feathers one expects after such a major competition. But she did nothing wrong, and it was a delight to see how she put her heart and sould into it - as they all did. Let's rise above such petty jealousies, can we, and be proud of another first rate 'Strictly'?

Fiona was a sore loser and obviously jealous of Susanna's popularity

I always called her Fake Susanna because as soon as she opened her mouth the fakest shit would come out of it. She is very calculating in everything she says and is totally disingenuous. It should be obvious from just observing her behaviour but apparently there are suckers born every
minute who believe all the rubbish she comes out with. Too many morons nowadays who are too easily taken in by fake personalities.

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