Jack Bauer is back: what to expect as 24 comes to London

Jan 14, 2014

Kiefer Sutherland stars as fugitive Jack Bauer on streets of London in long-awaited ninth season

KIEFER SUTHERLAND is returning to British screens as Jack Bauer in 24 this May after a four-year absence. The actor, who has starred as the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent in the previous eight seasons, appeared at a press conference alongside the show's producers in California yesterday. He admitted he was "nervous" about returning as Bauer in 24: Live Another Day and hinted at what fans can expect...

Bauer still a fugitive
The plot picks up four years after the last series and Bauer remains a fugitive. The cast and producers are keeping tight-lipped about Bauer's mission, but have revealed that he is being hunted down by a "brilliant but impulsive" CIA agent played by Yvonne Strahovski, best known for her role as Hannah McKay in serial killer drama Dexter. Kim Raver is expected to return as Bauer's love interest, Audrey Heller, as is William Devane, who plays Audrey's father, James Heller, who has become the president of the United States.

Chloe in Snowden role
Mary Lynn Rajskub will return as systems analyst Chloe O'Brian. However, this time Bauer's trusted former sidekick is working against him and has left the CTU to become part of the "free information movement", reports Access Hollywood. Executive producer Manny Coto has compared her to an Edward Snowden-type character, suggesting she might have become a CTU whistleblower.

24 becomes 12
In previous seasons, 24 was shown in 24 "real time" episodes, each depicting one hour of a day in Bauer's life. The next series will have only 12 episodes. According to Fox, which will broadcast the show in the US, the series will "retain the real-time, pulse-pounding, fast-paced format with split screens and complex interweaving storylines, with 12 episodes representing 24 hours".

Set in London
Bauer will be on the run in England's capital city, with filming to start in a couple of weeks. "I was born in England and I've spent big chunks of my life there, but I'm anxious about [shooting in London]," says Sutherland. "Traffic there is very difficult. We plan to be shooting outside. I'm sure we'll be hated by a large portion of London for snarling up their traffic, and for that I apologise in advance."

24 film not ruled out
While many fans were disappointed to hear that 20th Century Fox halted production of a 24 film in March 2012, Sutherland insists the movie is still a possibility. Live Another Day is said to be a separate story that has nothing to do with the script of the proposed film. But Sutherland says: "The film is an ongoing situation. There's always an opportunity to do that. [But] this is what we're primarily focused on. So if this ends up rebooting the show or leading to a movie, so be it, but we're very focused on this right now."

  • 24:Live Another Day will be broadcast on Sky 1 in May

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